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Fab, Funky Belt Buckles

September 10, 2009

Today we’re featuring some really fun belt buckles from Princess & Butch.  I’m in love with this creative chick’s designs.  Check these out & I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them, too.  (click on pics to be redirected to image’s original site)

DSC_9713Diamond in the Rough Buckle – $40.00

peacockbucklePenny Buckle – $40.00

redflowerbuckleLola in Red Buckle – $40.00

gray-paisley-belt-buckleBlythe Buckle – $40.00

DSC00195_displayEach buckle is made with a industrial strength resin that makes it super-durable & hard.  The buckles are intended to be used with these fabulous leather belts that you can switch out the buckles on, according to your outfit (belts are only $25.00).  This is such a great, economical idea on how to get many uses out of just buying one belt.  And isn’t this creative chick’s business name a riot?  Their full name & catch phrase is: Princess & Butch: Taking Your Outfit from Ho Hum to Fabulous!  Completely clever & adorable!


Romantic, Luxurious Knit Wraps

September 9, 2009

I’m pining for fall… can you tell?  Today I couldn’t help but feature more cool weather products from a fabulous creative chick, Elena, of Tickled Pink Knits.  Her knit wraps are completely breath-taking.  They would look lovely with your little black dress or even a t-shirt and jeans.  These wraps are HEAVENLY!  (note: click on pics to be redirected to original site)


Rococo Shawl – Luxurious & Elegant Knit Wool & Llama Wrap – $215.00

black wool/alpaca knit wrap

Luxurious Wool & Alpaca Knit Wrap/Shawl – $146.00

knit wrap/shawl

Rococo Shawl – Luxurious & Elegant Knit Cotton & Merino Wrap – $220.00

Man, the cold weather can’t come fast enough!  I can’t wait for these warm weather fashions!!  I thought the detail in Elena’s knitting was especially beautiful.  Thanks for your beautiful creativity, Elena!

Lovely Head Cover Scarves

September 8, 2009

Today’s feature is inspired by my grandma.  She’s recently gotten a beautiful wig that hides her thinning hair, while looking super-chic.  However, she doesn’t like to wear the wig all the time & often ties a bandanna around her head when the wig is off.  I must say that I’m not a fan of her bandannas as they’re bright neon colors are not very flattering.  When I stumbled on these gorgeous head cover scarves from kikapics’ Mercato, I immediately wanted to snatch some for my grandma.  As I looked closer, however, I decided I LOVED them, too, & want some for myself.  I have short hair & some days I just don’t feel like doing or am too busy to do it.  These scarves would be the perfect, fashionable solution.  Don’t get my wrong, I do love hats, but most of the time a scarf would be more comfortable I think.


Black Italian Flowers – $14.99

floral head scarf red yellow

Italian Simpsons Brown – $14.99

brown floral head scarf

Brown Floral – $14.99

red purple pink floral head scarf

Italian Simpsons Black – $14.99

Aren’t they fabulous?!!  And there are many more gorgeous designs to choose from at kikapics’ Mercato shop.  I am also a huge fan of her $1 shipping for any order within the continental U.S.  Rock on.  Time to get your Cinderella diva on with these beautiful head scarves!

Sassy, Spunky Aprons

September 4, 2009

Today we’re featuring the Kim from Olive Juice & Co.  She’s creates the most fabulous aprons EVER!  I love her wild fabric combos & how they come together so beautifully.  She really has an eye & a gift for design.  She recently started an Olive Juice & Co. “Kit Club” where you can join a 6 month membership & get a new apron kit every two months.  The aprons come with all the fixings & you build it to keep for yourself or give away as a dreamy, they-can’t-help-but-feel-loved gift for someone special.  This month’s apron fro the Kit Club is called “The Charlotte” & ain’t she a peach?!

Charlotte Apron Olive Juice & Co.

Here are a few of Kim’s past apron designs that are to die for also:




And she did this gorgeous design to help support sweet Stephanie Nielson & her family in their recovery:


Loving your creativity, Kim!  Keep those fantastic creations coming & we’ll continue watching your kit club & all the fun & excitement!  (The aprons would make the most delightful holiday gifts, I must add.)  As a teeny, tiny side-note… Kim is a beautiful person in real life.  I’ve had the great pleasure & meeting & interacting with her & think she’s completely delightful!  I love buying from & supporting lovely people!

Completely Dreamy Rugs

September 3, 2009

Today we’re featuring Amy Butler’s rug designs.  OMGosh… they are sooooo beautiful!  I saw them & immediately knew I had to feature them.  However, when I went to choose only a few favorites to post, it was a heartbreaking decision because I love them all so much!  So today – yes – there are a lot of pics, but I don’t think you’ll be upset.  (remember – click on the pics to be redirected to the original site)

rug modernlove amy butler

rug georgia amy butlerruglaceworkrug poppy amy butlerrug parrot tulip amy butlerrug acanthus amy butler

These rugs make me wish I had more floors to cover in my home.  I could pick one for every room!!  Ahhhh.. heavenly!

Thanks for your creative inspiration, Amy!  Check out all of Amy’s designs at

Dog Collars that Cat-Owners are Jealous of

September 2, 2009

Yes, I am a cat-owner & I’m drowning in jealousy at these gorgeous collars & tags for dogs.  The title was primarily referring to me (guilty).  Emily Kitts, the creative chick behind “Auntie Em’s Fine Jewelry” makes these incredible dog collars & tags that I couldn’t resist featuring.  She’s such a sweet person, too, and has inspired creativity in me ever since we were childhood friends.  Now she lives far away and is still inspiring me creatively.  So, without further ado, check out these fantastic finds from Auntie Em’s (remember: click on pic to be redirected to the original site):


Frankie – 14k white gold ID tag with a bezel set rhodolite garnet and .50ct black diamonds on hand-stitched magenta and black leather collar


Gary Martingale Collar – Brown leather and stainless steel martingale collar with sterling silver and antique blue zircon name plate


Kona – Genuine peridot bezel set on sterling silver ID tag with turquoise and brown leather collar


Em’s Everyday Tags

(My favorite dog tag is the “Hello my name is…” one – hilarious.)

200upeardogI loved reading about why Em started creating these.  She said that she was sick of the same old heart or bone-shaped boring tags on her dogs & decided they needed something a bit more fashionable.  She created some gorgeous tags & was disappointed at how boring they looked on her dogs’ boring collars, so she learned how to work with leather & makes collars as well, now.  That’s how Emily has always been, too.  She sees a problem & learns how to do something new to create a solution.  I love it!  Now, if she can only do this for cats also…

Piano Painting Inspiration

September 1, 2009

Ever since I saw Gabrielle’s – – painted piano, I can’t get it out of my mind: I’ve got to paint my ratty-looking piano.


Our piano is an upright practice piano from a university that some friends of ours owned.  I think they bought it for $100.  Then, they were demolishing their home to build a new home on the property & said they were just going to leave the piano in the home to be destroyed.  It broke my heart, so I got my husband to arrange a way to move it to our home where it has been residing ever since.  This poor piano has been through a lot while being a part of our family.  We’ve moved it at least 4 times.  One time was up & then down a thin apartment staircase.  The next was moving it into a basement apartment.  The most recent was me waking up to my husband moving our piano from the basement to the upstairs (two flights of stairs) all by himself.  Seriously.  I thought he was going to kill himself; scared me to death.  He survived, as did the piano, fortunately.  Needless to say, what was already a beat-up, well-loved piano has become even more beat-up & well-loved during our ownership.


After seeing Gabrielle’s post about painting her piano a gorgeous green, it’s gotten me sooooo excited to paint our piano!!!  I’m certain it would be a well-worthwhile face-lift.  The only trouble is deciding on the color.  I’m considering blue the most seriously.  I love a good blue, but I also think a rusty orange/red could be gorgeous, also.  My living room has zero decorating in it, so the piano color can be what I base everything off of.  I want it to be classy & fantastic & most of all, I want it to breathe life into our poor, beat-up piano.  Don’t worry, I’ll post before & after pics when I finally decide on a color & get to painting it.  I’m sooooo excited!!!

What color would you paint a piano?  Isn’t Gabrielle Blair an inspiring “Creative Chick?”  Thank you for the design inspiration!