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Eco-Friendly Super-Sexy Lunch Bags

August 25, 2009

Today’s finds come inspired by a bit of “Back to School” fever.  My friend, Emily, at did a review about this fabulous company, Rebel Green.  Not only are their products SO cool, they are also good for our environment.  I love their mission to buy locally & utilize local merchants in the manufacturing of their products; it’s something I REALLY believe in.  So, without further ado, I’m exited to show you their fabulous reusable lunch bags.

Get ready to ooh & aah.

rebel1Map” & “Peace Girl” Lunch Totes – $24/each

rebel2Bubble” & “Pretty Planet Princess” Lunch Totes – $24/each

rebel3Logo” & “Bad Habits” Lunch Totes – $24/each

Here’s some info about these fun lunch bags:

Material: 100% certified organic cotton printed with low impact inks.
Colors:  Cotton black canvas or natural canvas
7′ x 11′ x5′
Wash/Care instructions: use eco-friendly detergents in cold water and line dry.

Buy them separately or in sets of two.  These lunch totes come with a pocket that just so happens to look adorable when combined with our litter-less lunch napkin.  The lunch totes come with one organic cotton napkin with the repeat pattern.  Purchase a set of five napkins and get one for every day of the week.
I loved this sweet little quote/graphic that was on their site, too.  The message is SO true.
Cheers to the “Creative Chicks” who designed this clever concept & fabulous lunch totes!
Also, there’s still time to enter the Boutique Cafe drawing to win a free tee & LUNCH TOTE!  I really, really, really want to win, though I think YOU should win, too.  Hmmm.. just go enter & we’ll let fate decide. 😉
Really cool bags though, right?!  Yay!
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